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We've made an overrun of prints for the Ohio Bio Show at Red Tree Gallery last fall, and they've just sent the extras back to us.

We are offering a discount on a combo of all three of these prints for the next 48 hours only, with all of them combined for $125. For this week's special we are reaching out to all you artists wanting to expand your drawing skills.

We also have available T-Shirts, a die-cut sticker pack, a limited edition poster, and combination packages including the shirt, poster, book and sticker pack.

For those wanting to show a higher level of support we have some unique collaborative pieces of original art made during the production of the art in the book, signed by multiple artists and placed in a hand-embellished mat.

' Tattoo Drawing Combo' For those of you who have been following the current Kickstarter campaign that we're having for The Biomech Encyclopedia, there's great news- we have exceeded our goal and have raised enough funds to print the deluxe two-volume slipcase edition, which is really what we had our hearts set on.