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Him, two hours at the beach with us on Sundays, and he was back to work."Fred was among the first of the great wartime developers to figure out the import of Federal Housing Authority programs, vast new pots of government loans to build housing for the working- and middle-class.

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• A total of 1551 samples were submitted to ALS Global for assay and multi‐element analysis.

• Samples consisted of 1394 unique drill cutting intervals each representing a minimum of 1.5m (4 ft. Moderate to high grade silver mineralization was intercepted in many of the holes.

"You'd see 'em ring the bell and stand way over here. ' and he'd say, ' ' Cause these motherfuckers ! '"Trump has raised his own kids in comparable fashion, disabusing them of any notions of unearned grandeur.

"I was a dock attendant for a couple of summers, then went into landscaping," says Don Jr., a company vice president running international projects, with an office directly below his father's.

"My brother and I are probably the only sons of billionaires who can operate a D-10 Caterpillar." "I did less-than-glamorous internships in sweltering New York — the South of France wasn't an option," says Ivanka in her immaculate office next door to Don Jr.